Providing Energy Consulting & HVAC Design for Homes and Businesses in Northwest Washington

Detailed & Thorough Analysis

We take a deep dive into Building Envelope and HVAC systems using the latest diagnostic testing tools and advances in building science. We have a unique ability to see the big picture and understand how all the various systems in a home interact.

Objective & Unbiased

We serve as a independent third party to navigate clients through the construction process. We take an evidence based approach rather than relying on rules of thumb. Rather than simply pointing out problems, we aim to provide feasible solutions.

Trained and Certified Experts

With over 15 years of experience in the building industry, our staff are highly trained and possess numerous professional certifications. We are continuously learning as building science evolves and new technologies are adopted.

Educational Focus

We believe in empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their buildings and provide the insight needed to make improvements.

Madrona Building Performance’s Services

Building performance

Madrona Building Performance has an expertise in energy efficiency and green building. As an Energy Consultant, we provide energy assessments for existing buildings, Energy Modeling, Diagnostic Testing, Energy Code Support and Green Building Program Verification.

HVAC Design

We provide third party HVAC Design + Diagnostic Testing. We specialize in designing high performance heat pump and heat reocvery ventilation systems. We also can also help solve comfort problems in homes.


Americans, on average, spend 90% of our time indoors, where the levels of pollutants are often 2-5 times higher than outdoors. To improve indoor air quality, we provide testing for common pollutants and provide recommendations for ventilation and filtration systems.
Hilary ParkerHilary Parker
17:29 20 Nov 22
Jeff at Madrona Building Performance is knowledgeable, professional and responsive. After evaluating my home, he gave me actionable advice to make my home more efficient and comfortable. Thanks, Jeff!
Bradley BartonBradley Barton
00:02 06 Aug 22
We were looking for 3 things--improving our health, saving energy, and increasing our home value. Jeff mitigated our seemingly endless mold issues with diligence. He cut down our energy losses by finding leakages. He made our home more comfortable and sell-able or rent-able by giving us a tiered plan with easy to use systems that anyone would appreciate.
William HarrisonWilliam Harrison
01:34 23 May 22
Jeff is the best home inspector and energy expert you'll find. If you care about the environment, your home and comfort, and your energy bills, you should hire Jeff for unbiased professional recommendations.He will not try to sell you anything.Not only will he give you a thorough home inspection before you purchase, he'll give you upgrade recommendations and prioritize where to invest for warmth, for cooling and for better air quality.Not only do I recommend Jeff, I will continue to consult with him in the future.
Varun RameshVarun Ramesh
00:16 05 Apr 22
We were introduced to Madrona by one of our neighbors who had worked with Jeff to evaluate the efficiency of a large community building. Jeff had done a fantastic job there to help advise on the right environmental friendly HVAC to install. Jeff did similarly great job with our residential unit. He is very meticulous, caring, and very helpful in understanding both the bigger picture as well as the technical details of improving energy efficiency of a building. His services helped us set a clear path forward for practical things we can do improve efficiency of our building and where we should (and should not) spend our money.
sonja maxsonja max
17:28 27 Jan 22
Jeff has a wealth of knowledge about all things energy and code related, which makes him a fantastic addition to any construction-related project team. The codes and compliance forms have changed so much that even architects with commercial experience may not be versed in coordinating mechanical, envelope and lighting forms for permit submittal. Jeff’s understanding of insulation and building envelope performance is also very valuable, not only to get through permitting but to insure a building will perform efficiently. He is professional, easy to work with, and provided a service that no one else on our team could. I highly recommend him!
Jaco TenHoveJaco TenHove
02:13 19 Jan 22
We (in a multi-family setting, 30+ households) hired Jeff Aslan to come do an “electrification consultation”’ for our large common building, which he accomplished on one day’s visit, after which he produced a very thorough online report that went far beyond our explications, quite happily. He was a pleasure to engage with and really knew his stuff. We are much better off for this material; which was very worth his reasonable fee.
Sara Brooke BenjaminSara Brooke Benjamin
06:16 07 Jan 22
Jeff was extremely professional, detail oriented, and thorough. We had him complete a Healthy Home Assessment and he produced an incredibly detailed report that we have been using to gradually chip away at home improvements, especially to improve air quality in the house. He also conducted mold and water quality testing which has allowed us to address issues unique to our home in a more targeted and efficient way. Highly recommended.
Crystal GarciaCrystal Garcia
23:26 18 Nov 21
Jeff was a joy to work with! He is responsive, and really went the extra mile on my project. He voluntarily scheduled a review with me and broke all the information down over Zoom and in writing, making sure I understood everything. I cannot recommend him highly enough and plan to use him again to do an energy audit on my main house.
Anna DeanAnna Dean
18:54 10 Nov 21
Jeff made our lives so much easier by providing us with detailed and thorough information for our HVAC consultation. We had no idea where to begin or how to make the right decisions for such an expensive addition to our business. Jeff is knowledgeable, communicative, professional, and presented his findings in a way that were informative and easy to understand. We will definitely use his services again when we have another project.
Geoffrey VogelGeoffrey Vogel
04:14 01 Jul 21
Jeff visited my house (under renovation) to evaluate its building envelope. A complex mix of siding, vapor barriers, air barriers and insulation are all vital components but confusing. Jeff provided insight and clarity for a stressful subject and recommendations for all of the above. And stayed with the project following the inspection to answer question and further guidance. A good written report. Timely, accurate and well thought out recommendations. I felt good having Jeff on my team to ensure my house achieves energy efficiency and is done right.