ACCA Certified

HVAC Design

  • High Performance HVAC Design – We design high performance HVAC design services as a third party expert and the designs can be submitted to a contractor of your choosing. We specialize in designing mechanical systems using heat pump technology, and balanced ventilation systems.
  • Heaing and Cooling Load Calculations – Heating and cooling systems should be right-sized based on calculations of how much heat the building losses or gains on the coldest and hottest days of the year. Traditional approaches to conducting load calculations formulas rely on intuition, rules-of-thumbs, or fudged math which tends to result in oversized systems, especially as modern homes have higher insulation levels, tight building envelopes, and  energy efficient windows.  Oversized systems cost more to install while sacrificing comfort and efficiency. We provide detailed load calculations for homes using ACCA Manual J approved software, the most widely recognized method in the industry and specifically called for by building codes.
  • Duct Design – Heating and Cooling system ductwork should be designed to maximize comfort and efficiencey. We use ACCA Manual D software to calculate duct sizing, optimize register placement, and ensure maximum heating and cooling performance.
  • Commissioning – After forced air systems and ventilation systems are installed, commissioning ensures that systems are operating as intended. We use high tech tools to measure temperatures and airflows and adjust the system as needed to ensure comfort and efficiencey.
  • Comfort Complaints – We can use diagnostic tools to analyze existing home’s HVAC systems and get to the bottom of comfort issues like rooms in the home that are too hot or cold or systems that have excess noise levels.
What we check in a home inspection?